100lb LPG Gas Cylinder Trolley


Product Code: CTS03 (Ex)


This new design for handling and moving 103 lbs (47kg) LPG gas cylinders solves all the problems associated with the old cylinder trolleys.The operator simply pushes the cylinder forward slightly and then pushes the trolley to the LPG cylinder. This is done very easily because the trolley has two small front wheels that allow it to move forward even when it is vertical. The operator then pulls back on the cylinder until the trolley is on all four wheels. The effort required to do this is only 33lbs. (15kg), allowing full compliance with Manual Handling Regulations.


Technical Specifications

  • Max SWL 176lbs. (80kg)

  • Max Input Load 22lbs. (10kg)

  • Max Cylinder Height 59" (1500mm)

  • Max Cylinder Diameter 18" (450mm)

  • Min Cylinder Diameter 12" (300mm)

  • Overall Width 18" (460mm)

  • Pneumatic Tyres on Rear Wheels