Corner Drum & Barrel Lifter

Product Code: DTP05-R500 (Ex)

The Corner Drum & Barrel Lifter has been designed to have a smaller footprint and a lighter design then our other models.This drum mover approaches the pallet at the four corners of a pallet. Our stainless-steel ladder rack allows you to adjust the position of the drum catch to accommodate different drums heights.

Stainless Steel Drum & Barrel Catch

The universal drum catch connects the unit to a wide variety of drums. The top hook can be adjusted to suit different lip designs on the drum. If you need help with your drums please contact us and we can help confirm your drum type and find a unit to suit your application.

Corner Drum Lifter.jpg

Technical Specifications

  • maximum SWL 772 Pounds, 350kg

  • protects operator from danger zone;

  • complies with latest regulations;

  • simple one man operation;

  • automatic quick lift function for speed of use;

  • fits all types and sizes of drums and barrels;

  • options to fit all pallets and bunds;

  • drum gripper constructed from stainless steel;

  • unit complies with EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Overhead Shot.jpg

We assemble our hydraulics by hand in our UK factory to ensure that each system is both clean and reliable. The unit is controlled by a stainless steel handle from the rear which makes is easy to move around and connect to drums.


High-quality products are sourced for all our units. We ensure they perform in all conditions. We also use rubber-sealed (RS) precision bearings, which offer dependable wheel performance in harsh environments. To ensure the longevity of this unit we recommend you use it on smooth surfaces.

Drum suitability

The DTP05 Corner Drum Depalletiser can handle a wide variety of drum types and sizes – especially useful if you handle different types of drum on a daily basis. For a detailed breakdown of the drums with which this product is compatible, please see the technical specification below. If the drums you use aren’t in the document, contact us and we can offer advice and guidance.