Counterbalance Drum/ Barrel Lifter

Product Code: DTP08-R500 (Ex)

This drum depalletiser has a counterweight in the box at the back of the unit. This allows it to be used for lifting drums and barrels without the need of support legs sticking out the front of the unit. These are generally used for taking drums off pallets and lifting them into dispensing machines that have no access for wheels to go around or under.


The universal stainless steel drum grip is designed for lifting steel or plastic drums and barrels from 13 to 55 gallons (50-205 liters). We have fitted the highest quality wheels with precision bearings to ensure that the unit is easy to push. The rear handle operates the tiller steering on both rear wheels. We would recommend this unit for operating on level floors. The steel chassis is grit blasted and powder coated to give a tough long lasting finish. 

Technical Specifications

  • Lift height 14.56 Inches (taller options available), 370mm

  • Will lift 13-55 (50-205 liters) gallon drums and barrels steel or plastic

  • Steel construction with grit blasted and powder coated finish

  • Stainless steel ladder rack and universal drum catch

  • 6.299 Inch wheels (160mm) with precision bearings and polyurethane tires

  • 2 x rear park brakes

  • Double acting hydraulic pump unit

  • SWL 772 Pounds, 350kg

  • Length 50.23 Inches, 1276mm

  • Width 23.82 Inches, 605mm


Drum suitability

As with the other drum depalletisers you can use the Counterbalance Drum Depalletiser with a wide variety of drum types and sizes, which is useful if you handle different types of drum on a daily basis. For details about the drums with which this product is compatible, please see the technical specification below. If the drums you use aren’t in the specification, contact us and we can offer advice and guidance.