Side-Shift Drum & Barrel Lifter


Product Code: DTP04-R500 (Ex)

The Side-Shift Drum & Barrel Lifter is designed for moving drums and barrels from any position on a pallet. This unit is suitable for lifting plastic or steel drums from 13 Gallons (50 liters) to 55 Gallons (205 liters). It uses a sliding side-shift arrangement allowing it to even be used for moving containers and drums placed in the center of a pallet.


The Side-Shift Drum & Barrel Lifter straddles the pallet and only requires access to one side, thus allowing pallets in confined areas to be kept against the wall even when unloading. When moving the drum onto another pallet, scales or the floor, the drum can also be moved to either side using the side-shift arrangement.


Technical Specifications

  • maximum SWL 772 Pounds, 350kg

  • overall Width 63.78 Inches, 1620mm

  • overall Depth 23.6 Inches, 600mm

  • overall Height 53.54 Inches, 1360mm

  • standard Lift Height 14.56 Inches, 370mm

  • protects operator from danger zone;

  • complies with latest regulations;

  • simple one man operation;

  • automatic quick lift function for speed of use;

  • fits all types and sizes of drums and barrels;

  • options to fit all pallets and bunds;

  • drum gripper constructed from stainless steel;

  • unit complies with EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Depalletiser Drum Suitability.jpg

Drum suitability

The DTP04 Side-Shift Drum & Barrel Lifter can handle a wide range of drum types and sizes. For a full breakdown of the drums with which this product is compatible, please see the technical specification below. If the drums you use aren’t in the specification, contact us and we'll give you guidance.