Drum & Barrel Rollover Cradle


Product Code: DCR02 (Ex)

The DCR02 Rollover Cradle is designed to assist operators to turn and place drums and barrels in a horizontal rack. The cradle transfers the drum from vertical to horizontal easily and safely.
Operators would traditionally push the drum onto their side. This is not a safe practice and that is why this product was developed to allow compliance with the Manual Handling Regulations.

Drum & Barrel Rollover Cradle

The drum or barrel is loaded onto the footplate using either the DTC01 Drum & Barrel Trolley, a drum lifter unit or forklift truck. Once the drum is horizontal it can be lifted out using either a stacker or forklift and placed in the rack. This handling equipment is manufactured in full stainless steel, and customers are offered the option for Zone 1 explosive areas.

Technical Specifications

  • maximum SWL 661 Pounds;

  • overall width 23.6 Inches;

  • overall length 39.4 Inches;

  • overall height 38.6 Inches;

  • maximum input force 33 Pounds;

Drum suitability

We’ve designed our Drum Rollover Cradle to allow you to handle 200-litre straight-sided drums. To keep operators safe, it’s important that you only handle 200-litre drums with this product. For details on the compatible drum types, see the drum suitability document by clicking the button below.