Gas Cylinder Trolley with Lifting Hoist


Product Code: CTS02 (Ex)

This modified gas cylinder trolley has been developed for companies who have a need for lifting cylinders with a crane or hoist. The cylinder is locked into the trolley with a secure catch system. The unit is safe for lifting cylinders up to 330 lbs. (150 kilos).

1.Stainless Steel Construction.jpg

The trolley was developed for a healthcare contractor supplying mobile operating theatres around the UK. The company were keen to solve a manual handling issue where large high pressure oxygen cylinders needed to be loaded into gas banks. Often this was a job undertaken by a single operator and the cylinder had to be lifted from the floor to the gas bank.

The cylinder trolley with lifting hoist has been very popular with hospitals and laboratories who are keen to handle gas cylinders safely in compliance with health and safety regulations.

2.Unique Wheel Arrangement.jpg

Technical Specifications

  • Fits all high pressure cylinders

  • ATEX compliant option

  • Regulation compliant

  • Eliminate operator injuries